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(Typing up LJ posts at work and emailing them to myself!!)

An aside: I've finally caved in to using LJ's default site scheme (I was using one of their older ones) and activating that navigation bar just so that. Also has anyone switched their friends page to the "new" version? Trying to figure out which one would be best for browsing on my phone.


Fest Things

1. [ profile] merlin_art_fest

Got my first choice! Since we're cleared to talk about our prompt also I don't have many active merlin or fandom people on my LJ friendlist I'm definitely going to talk about it!! Theme: 1970's-current, rockstars, punk rockers. I AM SO EXCITED! Maybe my dad’s electric guitars will cameo in the pictures looooool.

Picture will likely be gen, featuring all the knights + Merlin (& Morded), okay maybe everyone. I say gen, but just imagine Arthur & Merlin are together (because that’s how I’m drawing it LOL). I think I want to focus on friendship feelings ("We’re not naming the band that, Gwaine, you’re not even our lead singer!" ETC ETC). The band should be named Leon actually, lololol.

But seriously, things I am thinking about (or give me ideas for): Fashion styles, what instruments each person is playing. Also I’m thinking of having an ~atmosphere~ of their band before any major label debuts. I think I might be channeling my BECK: MCS feelings!!

2. [ profile] harrydracompreg

I haven’t signed up for a prompt and I think I might just end up doing my own prompt (I started stressing out [not really] over prompt-squicks... I especially don’t trust what I consider "in character" for Harry or Draco these days LOOOOL and don’t want to disappoint the prompter). Planning for bottom/preg Harry (my preference). I might need to actually discuss this with someone.


Re: Titles (working and finished)

This is an interesting topic, and I enjoyed reading people's methods. I want to talk about it too LOOOOL.

With Drawings:
I rarely EVER have ideas for titles. I pretty much cringe at all of the last minute fest titles that I thought up.

My deviantart gallery titles are like this:

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 5.11.39 PM
Sadly, that's as finished as it gets.

As for "working" titles, I find that drawings are best organized when your file name has the date at the beginning (so the actual file name becomes irrelevant). It's usually the character, so "2014/01/13 - cori.png". Sometimes it becomes cori2 or cori2a if I crop the image or something irreversible like that. Other names were "epic collab" "day1" "stormknight" (so many of those). My December 2013 folder:
Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 5.16.23 PM

With Stories: (working titles)
I have a lot of stories just because I love thinking them up?? Totally lacking the motivation to actually write any of these out, but I just write myself summaries/not!fic of the plot anyways, LOL.

"Lost Heir" - this is the only story that probably has the finished title. the working title was "fantasyfroufrou" but i made up the actual title a long time ago so i'm used to calling it that

"spacegays" - i don't know if this is still in space or if it's just plain futuristic/militaristic sci fi
"food fic why" - someone learns cooks
"Art studentxMegane Model" - HAHA this was supposed to be a short comic for a ss*bb artist special
"ghosting" - a ghost love story and the title is because I was listening to Mother Mother's Ghosting
"TAMADVENTURES" - my original title for my original idea for the tamagotchi anthology (I ended up doing sth different)
"yukikai" - a prince of tennis crack pair fic that i made an epic serious story of

SK AUs that I made up with ameru (our OCs)
"celtic knights" - what it says
"celtic knights tragedy au" - my character dies (an AU of an AU)
"vampire hunters" - i started writing a police procedural/auror procedural/case!fic and ame called it this because the snippet i wrote was them investigating a MAYBE-vampire kill.
"andantino con bravura" - ame made up this name SO. this story belongs in a bigger universe that I call "cloververse" and it's just a modern-day AU that all my deviantart RP characters exist in (because I had left the RP group or etc)

Anyways, yup this was long, sorry!


LJ Notifications are being weird about sending emails again?? Finally cleaned up my LJ inbox so that I can look at new messages there just in case
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