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Yesterday I read an interesting post on tumblr defending adding actual commentary on reblogs (rather than tag commentary). YES. A+. Would read again. The post: click here.

Somehow I also fell into the trap of having a somewhat-sterile blog on tumblr? I like having it clean because I *do* get annoyed when an "art blog" is heavily bogged down by reblogs (like 10+ reblogs per day with sporadic art). I've gone back in my "art blog" to clean up reblogs and I haven't had to go back 3 pages (and this is over a 3 week span).

Anyways, thoughts? I vaguely remember that I used to leave actual commentary on some H/D reblogs. I leave text commentary when I reblog my friends art for me (or I comment on their art when the reply feature is turned on). When I comment in tags, it's usually on posts where I don't really have anything to add.

Overall I appreciate when people add their thoughts where people can see, so their thoughts can be heard instead of whatever it is right now. And ok, it's weird when the commentary totally derails the post (like I had someone reblog my fanart with Star Trek tags LOL ok), and it's terrible if someone like, starts an argument, but still. This is an interesting topic because everyone has different ways they want
to use tumblr.


On to fest participation/progress on projects. Hopefully this isn't too much for me (well I do have a lot of free time). Posting progress updates on LJ so maybe I'll actually get things done:

1) Merlin Olympics: I have a week and a half left I haven't started. This is still stewing in my head. Competing together as Team United Kingdom or separately as Team Avalon and Team Albion? Will likely be one colored picture.

2) Fujosports (Love Love Hill Anthology): No progress, but targetting Mid-Feb for a concrete idea (roughs). I want men crying out of joy with winning or the pain of losing. Maybe something terrible/hilarious like the Playoff Beard superstition (or something about how horrible Movember was for many of us). Hopefully will be a short (<10 pg, maybe even <5 pg) comic.

To-do (for now): Finalize picking story/sport & characters.

3) Lazy Valentines Exchange: An art exchange for artist friends, need to make people give me their wishlists (and write mine) and assign valentines. I'm considering making this a semi-regular exchange too. It seems like I want more reasons to interact with people on social

To-do: retrieve wishlists and send out assignments

4) Merlin Art Fest: I've signed up. I am NOT going to do a wispy dreamy 5x13 angstfest picture (again). I claimed some AU ones, so we'll see if I get them (my 3rd choice is making up my own AU prompt). Mod post says that we can talk about our prompt/share wips, etc.

I'd like to actually put in more effort in whatever I do for this fest. Usually I just stew over ideas and then draw "the one" in one sitting, and that's it, that's the pic. But maybe it would be interesting to be more active with posting progress/chucked ideas/etc. And use LJ more

5. H/D Mpreg Fest: Signing up for this. I haven't looked at the prompts yet, but I'll pick one later today. I want to do something more than just a single picture. I think this fest is anon so I'll just talk about progress vaguely?


That's all for now. I need to post some of my merlin fanart over on this LJ, but I've been too lazy.
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