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I took a break from reading Merlin fic (I haven't started reading Paperlegends or another fest that I participated in, AHH)... and went on to rereading some original m/m reads that I had bought or downloaded (from the Original Works section in AO3). I'm still on an orig-fic spree right now... LOL.

There is so much Merlin fic to catch up to (and let's not forget that I haven't even touched HD-hols, smoochfest, etc. etc).

However, this past weekend a friend linked a page of a shoujo manga that she was reading, which jump-started a weekend of me catching up to some series that I haven't looked at in a while or rereading old favorites. I have some reactions in my head (the thoughts aren't organized either... sorry)... posting something like this on tumblr/twitter isn't the same.

1) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun  - mangafox
^ This is the one that was linked. I didn't usually read 4-koma manga but I like school comedy-gag series (and shoujo hehe)... but it made me laugh. Like the chapter about drawing backgrounds and also the Otome-game chapter.

Then I realized that this mangaka drew the yankee-teacher story and had to catch up with that

2) Oresama Teacher
When I first read this there was only about 2 volumes scanlated? And then I stopped following so I could catch up at a later date. I never realized that it was a harem series though HAHAHA, not many girl friends for Mafuyu... I don't know who I'm cheering on for her, I guess Takaomi? But I laughed so hard at some of the chapters...

3) 1/2 Prince manga & novel
When I first read this, I thought "hey, how fun, a manga about a virtual reality RPG". Can I be alive if technology like this ever happens in the real world?? Then I saw that the novel translations were finished and saw a kind of wtf-ending that is sort of twilightesque, but IDK how to feel. Ambivalent I guess.
Gonna use their RP handles because I don't remember their RL names. Basically Prince (who is a girl IRL) and Gui (man) have married IRL.  Wicked (guy who has been in love with Prince since childhood) sadly didn't win the girl. HOWEVER, Prince and Gui have a child... that Gui carries because Prince doesn't want to go through the pain of childbirth!! Because they live in the future sci-fi city where that technology is possible so... surprise mpreg. I was laughing incredulously, like whaaaat, the mpreg is really happening??? but it really happened. There's this epilogue thing where Wicked wonders if he would carry a baby for Prince if they were the ones who ended up together..

The twilight-esque part happens with Wicked and Prince&Qui's daughter, who falls in love with Wicked. AGE GAP LOL. However the novel mentions that by this time most humans live to be about 200 years, and there's also a technology where they can be downloaded to artificial bodies?

But still, the ending kind of messed with my mind because I never imagined something that outrageous, yet I'm also just like WOW, WHAT BALLS!!

Also, for Prince and Gui's IRL wedding, Prince was wearing a white tux and Gui ended up wearing the dress! I can't help but feel amazed too, because the protagonist is a BAMF!lady who wears a tux to her wedding and wants a child but doesn't want to be the pregnant one because childbirth is painful so her husband carries the child for her because it's possible.

4) Sket Dance
This is the manga that I'm mostly caught up on, but luckily I waited to read it after all of the Switch's Past chapters were released. But first-year Tsubaki and the chapter where Tsubaki accidentally turns into a toddler is so cuteeee. In case you didn't know, Tsubaki is my favorite character in Sket Dance ahhhhhh so cute eyelashes...

5) Silver Diamond
I've reread this series 203948203x. In the middle it got stopped being scanlated because of licensing, but I think that since Tokyopop is defunct they might have lost the licensing rights?? Not sure... but I caught up with this. I still love the characters. There's definitely a lack of females but it's also shounen ai....

And then I looked at the Chinese RAWs and some summaries for the rest of the volumes (the series is finished) cried a bit
I'm not too sure with how the ending goes, but a spoiler said that Kinrei, the Ayame Prince, Rakan, and Chigusa were all artificially created and have short lifespans? AHHHH!!!! So I think basically they won't see the others from the Amato (??) world after the big fight is over. I think they stopped Kinrei and the Prince from destroying the world. It looks like there's a chapter that is an "epilogue"... I am not too sure if it's the true epilogue or a "what might have been" because I don't read Chinese,  it looks like Rakan and Chigusa are still together in Japan and then Kinrei and the Prince are living in that underground world?

I'm not sure if they were able to say goodbye to everyone, but it seems like everyone was able to have an ending with their loved ones. I love that Rakan and Chigusa are living together (heh domestic bliss)... Rakan is back at his high school and Chigusa seems to be working a part time job in a cafe... this mangaka doesn't seem to spell things out in black and white about if the boys are in a relationship or not, but I think they are. There's "love" but it's one of those series where it's ambiguous BL *screams internally*.

Kinrei and the Prince look like they are companions as well. I really like these two together even though they were the antagonists for the whole series. The chapter where the Prince realizes that Kinrei's been betraying him/or doesn't want to be used by Kinrei's ambitions for power and then tries to kill himself, and then Kinrei realizing that the Prince is worth much more to him than the pawn he was making him out to be.

I also really like the Touno brothers hahaha. So cutiesss.

But I'm just really happy that they were able to stay together with their loved ones.

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