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I am well and truly sucked into drawing fanart for this series.

Follow me in continuing my ~artistic~ journey of trying to draw these characters. I've been trying to secretly draw daily (sometimes failing) as a means to improve... so there's actually a lot of things that I consider more meh than others (though I'm still keeping myself positive about the "bad" drawing days). They're all "quick" pictures, churning out quantity rather than quality, lol!

A lot of these aren't on tumblr publicly, and I'd appreciate it if they just stay on this journal (like... no reposting please)! Though I'll link to the ones that are on tumblr too.

In chronological order (and a warning for inconsistency in styles... they're all me, I swear!):

July 15th:

^ This felt like something I would draw in my "comfort zone" (aka mindlessly drawing) which I didn't actually want to do.

crossposted on tumblr
I love drawing "scenes" but I haven't really been drawing them lately. Grayscale is nice too, to play with the lighting of a picture, I love contrast. I hope that some day I can get this kind of contrast with colors (colors are my weakness, I have to play around with curves/color balance/filters just to get what I want.)

July 16th:

Referencing a screencap. Even though (I) can see the mistakes I'm also figuring out these tricky face angles and face shapes...

July 17th:

Another screencap. This was better with contrast and looking more like Merlin/Colin, I think. Learning that paying attention to subtle details like nostril size, fullness of lips, the angle an eye slants, etc etc, all play a critical part in portraying the likeness of a character.

July 18th:

Also on tumblr
Screencap from the 5x01 (or was it 02?) when they're at Queen Annis' castle... It's always a little easier to practice in grayscale because it's easier to focus on one thing when trying to study contour of faces. In this case, I think that I learned a lot about Bradley/Arthur's nose shape in profile. LOL.

July 19th:

At work I can't do digital art, but I always bring a sketchbook with me so I was doing some pen studies from pictures. Too bad a lot of merlin pictures on tumblr are gifsets HAHA!! I guess I just wanted to mention that not all of my drawing studies were digital (I am just way too lazy to scan right now.)

No references used this time. Going off of memory with what I drew before? Colors are challenging.

July 22nd:

Also on tumblr
This flirts along my comfort zone vs new things... but i really liked it so...

July 24th:

Drawing backs... definitely have tried to draw this pose multiple times.

July 25th:

Also on tumblr
My ultimate cop out! Floating head profiles. The epitome of me mindlessly drawing... I'm starting to not look at references again, so these faces are merging with my natural style and things I learned?

July 27th:

thinking of Modern or post05x13 setting ideas to draw that are non-angsty

Also on tumblr
^^ Ended up doing this. somewhat of an effort with a background (park setting)... though the characters are drawn more in my style rather than realism LOL.

July 29th:

Also on tumblr
Some of my RL friends know I'm in fandom and ship Merthur and Drarry, and they kind of just indulge me, haha! Anyways, my friend saw this tumblr post("otp isn’t really otp until you’ve read fanfics about them late in the night on your phone sobbing quietly and whispering softly “my babies"") and tagged it with me and her sister (because her sister is also in fandom). I laughed because I'm totally guilty of this and I just think it's really funny how invested I get in fics and feelings, and people who don't feel this way are seriously missing out, hahaha!

Incidentally I was rereading rotrude's Master Shot which I did tear up over, and shortly before/after (in a close period of time, at least), I saw this AU photoset based off of the A War Love Affair film... Same friend who reblogged the OTP post, reblogged a photoset of lovers saying goodbye in 1944 as they send off their soldiers to war a day or two before as well. I really can't help myself when things like this just align.

I want to try to draw this again though (an actual goodbye scene). I'm also really lazy with research because the fashion/hairstyles probably aren't accurate.

July 30th:

Also on tumblr
I found an old photoshop brush set that I used to use. Using a new brush set doesn't magically help your digital art, but it's really fun to play with and I was kind of looking for a new "feeling" with the brush?? This is much sketchier and also very close to my normal cg style.

Date: 2013-08-01 05:32 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kitty_fic

This makes me ridiculously HAPPY! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!


Date: 2013-08-01 02:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your art is AMAZING! XD Thank you so much for sharing these. ♥

Date: 2013-08-01 03:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not remotely in the Merlin fandom, but always love your art~ ♥

I especially like July 17th - he looks so sad, and it looks like an oil painting - and July 22nd (awww). Love the pen sketch on July 19th, too - brilliant noses/nose areas, love seeing sketches.


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