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Long time no see, friendslist! I'm sorry to be so MIA lately... I've been in a drawing rut in general (not just with fanart) so I haven't been able to submit things for fests, etc... Right now I'm mostly in Merlin fandom (or you could say that I'm lurking in the Merlin-fic-reading corner of the internet) but my love for H/D is still eternal!! TBH I haven't kept up with the HD fests so it's a little bit daunting for me to start reading all the fic I haven't caught up with.

This is crossposted from my tumblr.

Merlin fanart:

I won't lie, Merlin fanart is a huge challenge for me to draw because I also love the cast members so it's hard to capture their likeness while also just trying to draw (I say this for Hannibal and Sherlock fanart that I've tried to draw too). I'm still trying to get my bearings on how I want to draw them haha.

original post on tumblr
"take care, my most treasured friend"

Drew this while thinking about how among the Knights, all the ones that I consider/Fandom considers as Merlin's "best" friend are all gone at the end of the series? This is more gen than anything, but what I was imagining when drawing this was that Arthur/Gwaine/Lancelot/etc would have wished for the best for Merlin (who has to go on 1500+ years alone)...

I feel horrible yet secretly pleased that most of the response on this pic on tumblr has been people enjoying the picture and also feeling pain because of the thoughts behind it;;;;;;;;;;;;; My favorite thing is to evoke emotion in my fanart so I'm really happy (I get really anxious about sharing my fandom thoughts on tumblr because I'm not very good at dealing with rude tumblr fandom).

Sketchier painterly things half finished or not:

^^ not referenced at all HAHA
I didn't even tag this as "arthur pendragon" but I was thinking of him while drawing this and that bird is a stand in for a merlin falcon, THE END.

This is an idea that I love so you can probably expect to see it pop up again until I draw a version that I'm completely satisfied with... like a "yesss this was what I was trying to draw" moment, heheh...

I love all the Modern AUs, but I also just love ALL OF THE AUs. I was trying to figure out what I imagine modern!AU Merlin's fashion sense would be? I guess it depends on the storyline. I always look at for clothing inspiration, but my mind can't see Merlin being that fashionable hahaha. He's probably a band shirts (or just any snug fitting shirt) and skinnies... neckerchief optional?? and a red kanken backpack HAHAHA....

what do you guys think? I need ideaaaaaaaaas.

I was also thinking about trying to draw a historical fashion!Merlin series (I'm not skilled enough to draw this accurately though)... from the idea of what Merlin wears during those 1500+ years he roams the earth??? If he travels to distant lands is he also wearing their clothing?

I'm a sucker for Knights playing footie in modern AU (or a suitable modern!Knight equivalent). I've probably read most of the football fic out there, lol!!

and one HP fanart:

also on deviantart

I'm a horrible fact checker so if I missed scars I'm sorryyy. Half the time I just flip tables and think "you get the picture anyways". The sectumsempra scars are always a speculation... I'm usually in favor of them existing haha... Locket scar? and also THE scar... would the dark mark be considered a scar?

Thanks <3
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