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I took a mini-break from fandom where I felt like reading original fic, but now I started to reread some fanfics as well. Also I have been wavering about my feelings for how I draw... I won't talk about it right now but must practice more!

Fem HD
Actually this picture didn't mean to happen but it just did! So I don't have much to say. I don't really read much genderswap or fem!Harry or fem!Draco (I don't even like to draw them as feminine boys... at least I don't think I draw them that way...). BUT, a few days after drawing this I reread Take These Lies which is probably one of my favorite fics that feature genderswapping. Though admittedly I haven't read very much, it's just not my kink.


The funny story about this one: Since I moved back home and my (tiny) desk in my room has a bunch of things on it, I took over one of the (much bigger) desks in our game room. I started to draw this and then had to leave to eat dinner for a bit... when I came back upstairs my younger brother was sitting a few feet away because he decided to play his xbox! So I was talking to [ profile] koyar and some other people about drawing slash where he can see, and everyone was like "You should go for the trying to pass one of them off as a girl" excuse if my brother ever turned around to see what I was drawing on my screen. Uhhh, anyways that wouldn't have worked because I can't pass anyone off as a girl but my brother shortly went back to his room so I was home free.

Something that I really like about H/D fandom (that I don't really see much in other fandoms) is that there's a very nice range of teen/Hogwarts fic, young/working adult fic, and the oyaji/epilogue-age fic, and I enjoy them all! I don't know, I guess it seems like in most other fandoms that I see, the characters are generally in the same-ish age as they are in canon.

I hope I don't forget to draw for Draco's birthday!! I wonder what he would like...
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